“Just Like Them”


Just Like Them, written by Mosley WOtta with Music By Colten Tyler Williams, is a title-driven inquiry surrounding conformity and defiance. Reoccurring themes that combat redundancy are common in the work of many artist of which MOWO is no exception. Beyond the exploration of identity as a limiter, MOsley WOtta is asking about the effects of our treatment of the land on which we seek to build our future; the land we will eventually become. Mooning melodies and hard changes thread together to create a unique song true to MOsley WOtta’s category which seems to often ask: “Why you wanna be; JUST LIKE THEM”
Just Like Them uses the traditional, hand-drawn method of animation, rendered in a digital format. MOsley WOtta explains that, “This one video contains THOUSANDS of individual images or ‘cells’ which were illustrated, one at a time. This required hundreds of hours of work during an 18 month period.” Just Like Them is the leading track on MOsley MOtta’s latest EP, This IS (Not) All There IS, and is available for purchase on bandcamp.com. 
This IS (Not) All There IS is a world transcending 7-track epic, that does not fail to capture the magic and urgency of modern world’s ancient pulse. This Latest EP marks the duo’s most thoroughly collaborative effort to date. A rich masterwork of golden throwback and haunting thudding beats. This EP invites listeners beyond the normal fray of current radio music and into a world in which we see best with our open eyes closed.
Thank you to Animators: Kaycee Anseth, Jesse Locke, Jason Graham, and three small unpaid children for putting in countless hours of time + creativity to complete this project. Additionally, thank you to RUFF MERCY for inspiring us to do more with the mediums at hand. 
Thank you,
Wake Records